Kamerun – mit wackeligen knien im OP

During my trip in Cameroon in January 2018 I was at a complicated surgery with my camera for documentary. Not only the surgery itself was complicated but the setting made it much more difficult. Wood, dirt, rust in the room and less medicine equipment. And there was no climate so they all sweated a lot inside the room. During the intervention they thought the man would not survive, but he did.
This is the first picture from a small series I want to you show you. I wish you could perceive some of my feelings.

Picture left:

The second and third pictures of this series from the surgery in a hospital in Cameroon. On them you can see how the doctors team is working with the available material. Although wood is not a sterile material for an operation room it is often used and they do not have other option than to improvise some solutions like to fix arms with bandages.



Picture right:

This picture shows a moment they had to stop the surgery because of some serious complications and they were talking about the next steps. This could be hard to see but I wanted to show this close atmosphere as a part of my documentary work.




A local surgeon teaches his students important details during the surgery. Also one student took a video for documentary. These are my last pictures of the series. I hope you liked my photos.

A moment that touched me a lot, also taken in the room between the two operating rooms. This picture shows the moment of the birth and the baby first screams. I really felt the scream in my body.

I wasn’t touched only about this moment, no, I heard about what sometimes happen with babys in this country. Stories about buckets filled with water when the mother/the family don’t have money to raise a child. It makes me so sad to hear such stories. The reasons for that are diverse. But also the influence of the church makes this possible because of banning contraceptive like condoms and other stuff.

The organization I joined is banning such methods immediately in there hospitals and try to help the mother/family.

It’s not our fault how we raise and how we were born, but I think it’s our mandatory to keep our eyes open and help other people. Yes, the old story about making the world better, we heard and wished it million of times. But sometimes it don’t take a lot to make something better. I really hope the child and the family life well.

Months later I visited vatican city and the vatican museum. After I saw how much money the have and my experience in cameroon I felt that the church don’t care enough about the people there and the problems the with cause.

So I quit the „membership“ and start support a second humanitarian organization.

Picture left:

Another portrait during the surgery. As you can see even masks are not there for all the personal so they have to improvise again


Picture right:

During this complicated surgery i had to stop focus on the open body, the heat and the smell in the air. So i made some portraits of the persons in the room with a lot of care not to disturb their work. This is one of my favourits. I love her expression, the light and the composition of the photo.

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